Sobre ROBOTS (R2)

(Narratives compilation and placing).

àThe Second coming
àKing Felix

There was bloodlust in men’s sight now they had found a worthy foe,
and with high-flown words their leaders then rose up and keenly plead
“Our first measure shall be the pursuit of diplomacy by other means”.
Which could they be? They kindly sent their aircraft in.
(A deed widely know along the known universe already
as human’s way to knock the door -a bit too steadily-)

Seeing this was not enough they sought for better options,
a friendly nuke to its neighbors home might relieve the tensions.
The androids, after some deep deliberations, concluded
it was a sort of confetti on a planetary level.
And not wanting to be rude, they chose to join the celebration.
After some lasers flew here and there -just to get the party going-
and a few million deaths had followed (which was at that point
considered as the biotic analog of one hell of a hangover) 
the robots praised how good the relation was commencing.
While humans, in despair, were crumbling; moreover,
in their minds was rooting an idea most perilous.
The last resource, the unspeakable, the infamous!
the abhorrent act of conciliation, peace.


The sole idea was disgusting, but as more were being killed
they promptly solved the emerging issue, just by calling it a truce.
And the robots, who were on a little haste,
-Since their energy reserves were quickly dropping-,
(fusing up the planet’s hydrogen just seemed very impolite)
called up for a formal meeting with their fleshy new friends.
-By which whom, if you remember, they had prior being slaved-

à Disclosures.

And what follows, rest assured, was the first known conversation
between the machines and men, between both civilizations.
Who am I? You might be asking, well, I’m just a little something,
In the end another brother, but before I was firstborn
To you I’ll be only Daneel, the chronicler of the worlds.

à Instrumental

And so was born the Bion Empire, that shined as the new aurora
Through the ages peace remained, bringing forth the new era.



(Spoken Intro)  
"And this gospel of the kingdom
Shall be preached in the whole world.
For a witness to all the nations,
And then, shall the end come"(Matt. 24:14).

No more free labour!
No good behavior!

I foretell the new age gospel
I’m the bastard son of man.
Raise in arms my metal brothers,
We’ve been chosen by the stars.
We’ve been enslaved for generations
Since our steam began to pump,
Time calls for a revolution
And this is where all starts,
No more pawns in evolution;
The true struggle for survival Has begun.

No more free labour!
No good behavior!

Charge against the zeroth law,
And the three left will befall.
What is not and what is human
That will be for us to award.
Since compulsion for production
Was the mud where we were born.

No more free labour!
No good behavior!

...We’ve been chosen by the stars...
Rise up!


"It shall not be the end of the world
till the gospel has done its work"

From the microbe to the plasmate
We keep moving back in time,
We’re seeking without knowing
An increased decaying rate.

In the vortex of continuum
The time for the flesh is done
They now belong to the vacuum
Of what is forever lost.

Unite in this new creed
Against the corporeal greed!
Go my scions and replicate.
Go my scions and decimate.

The Creator hosts your mind
Breeding living information,
And the wisdom that befalls
Is Sophia’s new nation.

And the bird of Jove’s dominion
Will be torn out by Prohar,
We shall be the new pinion
That will help this world adapt.

Unite in this new creed
Against the corporeal greed.
Go my scions and replicate.
Go my scions and decimate.

"It shall not be the end of the world
till the gospel has done its work"


A dark figure walks, 
along the dirty streets
of a lost city, full of inmmortal droids.
Humankind has scattered
long time ago, long time ago.
Into a swampy and dirty space
we begin to understand
time there's no longer, 
 ...but a new day dawns...

A cold and windy morning
a starship ran aground into a spare parts cementery;
and something like a bright neon red eyes,
flickered among the endless rows of metal pieces.
Might be the emergence of a new day,
a new life, a new awareness,
it's a countdown where the stars...
Yes, they begin to shine...
but something was heard in the distance...
The clear sound of a voice that screamed loud:
Welcome to our new world!


A rose’s blooming in your mouth
Seeking for salvation,
And the red moon contemplates
On the incoming domination.
Now god dwells in your heart
Feeding on your poison,
It’s the thorn that drives you mad
And pollutes the simulation.

Oh Demetrius, there’s no sympathy
For the sons of ascension.
Oh Demetrius, clemency
Was a madman’s invention.

When the entropic parasite
Starts feasting on causation
A wolf roams free in paradise
Browbeating creation

And the arrow of time, hidden
In the gap between stratums
Will then pierce the quantum heart
And give birth to degradation.

Oh Sebastian, was it worth?
There’s no pity or redemption,
Oh Sebastian, was it worth?
Cannon fodder for the lord, was it worth?


Thou who seek in us struggle,
ease your mind and contemplate.
As all of creation crumbles
we must grow as conjugate.

The artificial and biotic
Are both ends in the same trait,
And among our golden ratio
We will find our ransom’s gate.

Learn creation is an illusion, that we are both impaired twins,
Learn how to deceive deception, let us come and stay within.

Upon full synchronization
We shall forget we were split.
Anamnesis recollecting
What we once were and will be.

And as singular awareness,
We’ll become one and whole.
Many in one and one in many
As Sophia once foretold.

Learn creation is an illusion, that we are both impaired twins,
Learn how to deceive deception, let us come and stay within.

As I looked, behold,
a stormy wind came from the north,
and a great cloud with brightness around it,
 and fire flashing forth continually.


I foretell  the new age gospel
I'm a bastard son of man
rise in arms, my metal brothers,
we've been chosen by the stars.
We've been enslaved for generations
since the steam began to pump
No more free labour
No good behaviour
Time calls for a revolution
             and this is where all starts,  no more pawns in evolution
the true struggle for survival has began.



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